Sunday, February 13, 2011

London Fashion Week is coming

I thought I'd write a quick blog post on London Fashion Week and what the trends are going to be (mainly because I get the chance to enter a competition and be there).

Well what are the trends this year? Of course it's going to be iPhones, they'll still be the phone of choice of the discerning fashionista. There will also also be a smuttering of Android phones (though more on that later) and even some Microsoft WP7 devices. Of course it isn't really the phone that counts, but the bling case you bring it in!!!

Though iPhones are still King of the Hill (only iPhone 4's of course, none of the curved back 3's or 3GS's, don't even pretend they're hip), there's bound to be a smattering of tablets (well they'll be a lot of those there - they call them "diet pills" or even "disco biscuits") but of course it's the computing kind we're talking about. Many still think Apple's iPad is still be d's b's, but Android is starting to topple that crown and the Samsung's Galaxy Tab (we're still talking tablet computers here, don't go all psychedelic) has a Super AMOLED display that is to die for and new devices are appearing every day, shame HP's Touch (maybe a bad name considering past allegations of senior management behaviour) won't be ready in time, or it be the one.

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