Thursday, July 28, 2005

Stopped by the Police

On Tuesday night I drove back from Bristol, it was late and I dropped a friend in Bethnal Green. While driving through Islington a Police car turned into the road that I was stationary on (waiting at some traffic lights) drove past, looked at me and did a U-turn.

They then proceeded to follow me for about 1/2 a mile (actually they were a few cars behind me) and then the blue lights came on.

I stopped and a nice Police woman tapped on the glass so I got out. Then a Policeman came over doing the DVLA check etc.

They did the usual of "Is this your car? Is it registered to you, name address?" etc. The woman notified me that they she was going to write down where they'd stopped me and asked if I had any ID, so I produced my driving license. I asked why they'd stopped me and was told "because of what I was wearing and I was hunched in the seat and looked suspicious".

All they would have been able to see was a black jacket and maybe my hoodie, and I'd just driven for almost 3 1/2 hours so was knackered, which I did explain to the woman.

Anyway the radio obviously reported back that the car was registered to me, so they actually apologised and sent me on my way.

Moral, don't wear hoodies and don't drive through central london late at night ...


Being one of the lesser Steve Kennedy here in the US, I can tell you that all Steve Kennedy’s are suspicious. In 1981, I was questioned by the police in a small town in Oklahoma. I was using the Laundromat and had gone outside to watch the televisions there were on in the department store next door. A police car stopped, two officers got out, asked for my identification, and questioned me about standing outside the department store. I tried to explain to them that watching the televisions inside the store was much more entertaining than staring at my laundry as it spun around in the dryer but they did not believe me. I am not sure if they didn’t believe that watching the laundry was less entertaining or if the laundry was really mine. In any case, I was patted down and then hand cuffed and put in the back of the police car. I asked why I was being arrested and they told me it was because my name was Steve Kennedy. We got to the station and I called my Dad. The officers put me in with the drunks while I waited for my Dad to show up. My Dad showed up, none to soon, and I was released. The officers didn’t say anything to me when I left but I asked my Dad what had happened. He told me that sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be named Steve Kennedy. So, should you ever travel to the US, please avoid going through Oklahoma if you can. There is some Steve Kennedy out there who has the police pretty upset.
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