Wednesday, August 03, 2005

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | Moyles show tops UK podcast chart

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | Moyles show tops UK podcast chart

Podcasts are now mainstream. Chris Moyles' breakfast show is being podcast (well the best of the week) and has instantly (or at least within 10 hours) has gone to the top of Apple's podcast directory.

Users still need to sync their iPods with iTunes or another podcast client in order to realise the benefits from podcasting.

Here's an opportunity for someone to make a device that can connect over WiFi or even DAB and download RSS/Atom feeds and podcasts so a user can read/listen to information whenever they want and it will always be current.

Podcasting is a high latency broadcasting method that uses starage at the users end.

If you fet into DAb or orhter wireless means for this, surely using 'access on demand' technologies will come into the fore. Why?

Access on demnand replicates the radio model - real subscriber radio anyone?

Leaving a trace of the broadcast on the users machine means its easy to hack. copy and distribute stuff that might well be intended for DRM.
DAB has the potential to be the perfect medium to deliver on-demand content, however the multiplexes are already crowded and there's little extra space for this kind of thing.

If more spectrum were made available it could be viable, and Radioscape have now produced a DRM DAB module.
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The Receiva internet radio does exactly what you suggest - it connects over WiFi and plays streaming radio, podcasts, BBC "listen again" programmes, etc.
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