Wednesday, August 03, 2005 - Ofcom auction opens low-cost mobile calls - Ofcom auction opens low-cost mobile calls

Unfortunately it's not quite as plain sailing as the article makes out. Though Ofcom is auctioning between 5 and 10 licenses for national UK coverage, there's no guarantee that roaming off traditional GSM networks will happen, that would mean cooperation from the MNOs (mobile network operators) which isn't guaranteed.

Hopefully Ofcom will mandate roaming allowing existing handsert users to easily move off a GSM network onto a local pico cell which could significantly reduce call charges which would suit in-building "hotspots" within a business or local area.

Of course a licensee could elect to use the spectrum for another purpose complietely like fixed wireless (broadband) access, though the bandwidth is limited.

Reserve pricing is set at £50,000 to stop "frivolous" applications.

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